ICC-Trafficking Response

What is ICC-Trafficking Response Project?

photo by Trafficking Response

ICC -Trafficking Response is an anti-human trafficking project working directly with civil society, local authority and villagers to ensure mobilisation, joint effort and justice protecting their teenagers, youth and young people against human trafficking, modern-day slavery and illegal migration.

Where are we located?

In the southeast Cambodia; in Preah Sdach district, Prey Veng province.

Who are the ICC-Trafficking Response Project staff?

The majority of the staff are local people from the province, who are former staff of ICC-PARCE project. Hence, they have already built up strong local knowledge and strong relationship with the local authority and villagers.

In what ways does ICC-Trafficking Response Project work?

photo by Trafficking Response

ICC-Trafficking Response project objectives and activities are designed within the following strategies:

  1. Capacity building and group formation; increasing awareness and knowledge in order to affect mind-set and attitude of right holders, civil society and legal duty bearers, leading to group formations and actions towards fighting labour trafficking. Emphasis is on forming groups that are based on mutual values such as respect, collaboration, accountability, transparency and other key values indentified by the group members.
  2. Advocacy; with an intentional focus on increasing people's human values and self-esteem via right-awareness and understanding. Advocacy is done on various levels and through different stages in order to promote people's rights. These stages are 1) information and awareness, 2) civic education, 3) empowerment and mobilisation, and 4) civic action.
  3. Utilising the Agriculture Cooperative (AC)/Self-Help-Group (SHG) structure in Preah Sdach district; as SHG members and their core families are at high risk of illegal migration and labour trafficking, as they are villagers identified as “Poor” and “Very poor” people by the authorities. Furthermore, utilising the AC/SHG structure as a vehicle for the intervention, as the structure is already recognised and approved by the authorities.

What are the hopes of ICC-Trafficking Response?

photo by Trafficking Response

ICC-Trafficking Response conducted a research and a mini-project in 2016 prior to this project, where target groups, villagers and local authorities expressed to ICC their needs for help in combating labour trafficking. ICC-Trafficking Response hopes to fulfil these needs, as listed below:

  • Need to be empowered to prevent themselves from human trafficking, and not becoming a victim of human trafficking.
  • Need to be able to do legal and safe labour migration, and avoid risky and illegal migration for labour.
  • Need to know how to get clear and true information about passport making procedure and fees, and information about what organisations and institutions can help them.
  • Need to be equipped to see/estimate if someone trick, lie or exploit them.
  • Need to know what organisation and institutions can help them regarding illegal migration and labour trafficking.
  • Need to be empowered to speak up and claim the government and others to arrest traffickers and to provide justice.
  • Need help to create more local jobs and markets in Preah Sdach district, so people do not need to migrate for jobs.