ICC – Health Advisory Team

What is ICC – Health Advisory Team?
The ICC – Health Advisory Team is a support project within ICC that gives support to all ICC projects on health related matters. The Health Advisory Team also offers training on health issues for all staff in ICC.

Health Training
photo by Health Advisory Team

What need is ICC – Health Advisory Team meeting?
Although only a couple of the ICC projects have special health activities most projects have health integrated for example through literacy lessons on health issues or health messages as part of other training. The level of knowledge of the staff on how our bodies work and why we get sick varies very much due to different levels of education and other training

In what ways does ICC – Health Advisory Team work?
ICC – Health Advisory Team spends most of its time on giving health training to all ICC staff. The training takes place at the project's location and different training methods are used.

Besides the health training the Health Advisory Team gives support to the project on health related matters as requested by each project. This includes contacting relevant government ministry or institution for policies, guidelines and training materials. Health Workshop
photo by Health Advisory Team
The Health Advisory Team also offers help to check all literacy lessons and health messages used in the projects for accuracy and that they up-to-date with government guidelines.

Networking is done with other NGO's working in the health sector and some advocacy is done mainly through the umbrella organization Medicam.

What are the hopes of ICC – Health Advisory Team? At ICC – Health Advisory Team hopes that all ICC staff will be better equipped to share health messages in their projects either it is done directly to the beneficiaries or indirectly for example through training of village teachers. It also hopes that the staff will be good examples of living a healthy life.