ICC Profile

Road to Dakdam
picture by Ari Vitikainen

Vision Statement
We want to see the least-served people in Cambodia transformed by God's love to experience restored relationships, sustainable livelihoods, decision-making competence, and true gospel witness.


ICC's focus is on groups of people who are not being given enough attention e.g. not respected, not valued, not noticed and not heard. ICC wants these groups to experience internal and external changes through God's love and thereby develop stronger life-values, self-esteem and behaviour. These groups will, through peace-building and forgiveness, experience inclusion and reintegration into core and extended relationships. Through their own resources, skills and ownership, these groups will obtain security in covering their basic needs, and furthermore be empowered to take responsibility for their own decisions and actions. ICC also wants to see that the Cambodian Church (Christian religious organisations) is sharing God's love and gospel in a committed, honest and respectful way.

 ICC Mission Statement

Together we enable the least-served people through enhancing knowledge, sharing skills, and facilitating reflection, in order to build up local capacity, responsibility and ownership.


In collaboration with beneficiaries and stakeholders ICC wants to empower the groups of people who are not being given enough attention e.g. not respected, not valued, not noticed and not heard. Such empowerment will be done via mutual recognition of the value of these groups' existing knowledge and skills, and by further building upon these resources. In addition, ICC and these groups want to learn from each other through processes of analysing and reflecting, and strive towards mobilisation and group formation.

Core Value Statement

  • Divine grace : experienced through faith, hope and love
  • Dignity: expressed through patience, humility and righteousness
  • Love our neighbour: Ishown through equality, unity and by serving
"Empowering Communities, Empowered Nation"

Strategic Focus I - Self-sufficient livelihood

To enhance self-sufficient livelihood through knowledge and skills, in order to secure decent jobs, sustainable businesses and profitable agriculture.

Decent job refers to jobs both inside and outside of the country, where proper salaries are paid, and the Labour Law and other employment regulations are being applied.

Sustainable business refers to business setup with an aim to generate income for ICC target groups, and to gain a social impact from the business.

Profitable agriculture refers to agriculture done using environmentally friendly farming techniques, and enabling farmers to respond effectively and efficiently to climate changes, while receiving a financial gain for their livelihood.

Strategic Focus II - Pro-active civil society

To empower new and existing civil society organisations (CSO) through capacity building, consultancy (ICC Beyond), mobilisation and engagement, in order to respond successfully and in timely manner to civic challenges.

Furthermore, enabling CSOs to contribute to the general Cambodian society equally and in collaboration with both the state sector and the private sector. The long-term aim is to see a united and sustainable civil society sector in Cambodia, having positive interaction across both state and private sectors.

Emphasis will be on CSOs that are based on mutual values such as respect, collaboration, accountability, transparency and other key values identified by the group-members. CSOs could be spiritual, civic, labour or social groups.

Strategic Focus III - Legal justice

To build up legal knowledge among right-holders and duty-bearers, in order to strive for the fulfilment of rights-conventions and law-enforcement, equally and fairly for all people.

ICC seeks to equip and empower target groups to utilise positive advocacy strategies, including:

  • to approach injustice and illegal practice via peaceful networking and collaboration
  • to promote cases based on evidence and fact
  • to keep focus on the long-term goal, and a mindset of solving the core problems
  • to seek justice for all no matter their economic, social or religious status