Bunong Literacy Primers

Fonts & Keyboards

NiDA-Khmer Unicode Keyboard
Overview:This program installs the NiDA Khmer Unicode keyboard and selected Khmer Unicode fonts (Khmer OS, etc.).
Click to download Nida-Khmer UnicodeKeyboard

SBBIC-Khmer Unicode Keyboard
Overview: This keyboard includes some additions to the NiDA keyboard. Despite of switching to English keyboard to type a certain symbol, a colon(":" with right ALT+L) and a dash ("-" with right ALT+D) was added to it.This version is compatible with both window 64-bit and 32-bit.
Click to download SBBIC-Khmer Unicode Keyboard

The Mondulkiri Font Family
Overview: Four main fonts was included in this font family, such as: Mondulkiri,Oureang, Ratanakiri and Busra. This font family is compatible with both Mac and PC.
Click to download Mondulkiri Font Family

Doulos SIL
Overview: This font is useful for writing phonetics (IPA).
Click to download Doulos SIL

Spelling & Grammar Checkers

Khmer Spelling Checker
Overview: A spelling checker extension for LibreOffice, OpenOffice, Firefox and Thunderbird.
Click to download Khmer Spelling Checker for FireFox/Thunderbird

Khmer Grammar Checker
Overview: A grammar checker extension for OpenOffice and it work with WeSay.
Click to download Khmer Grammar Checker


Overview: WeSay, with user-friendly interface, helps non-linguists build a dictionary in their own language. Users can collaborate via USB flash drive, email, and via network connections.
Click to download WeSay

Overview: It is used to enable the spelling checker in WeSay. Without this, the Khmer spelling Checker will not work properly.
Click to download Enchant

Overview: Toolbox helps linguists organize and analyze language data. Toolbox will help you if you collect field language data, and you want to study, analyze and organize it for publication, such as: dictionaries, annotated text collections and examples for linguistic papers. Publication includes on the web as well as hard copy.
Click to download Toolbox

Lexique Pro
Overview: Lexique Pro is an interactive lexicon viewer and editor. It's designed to display your data in a user-friendly format so you can distribute it to others.
Click to download Lexique Pro

Overview: This is the executable version of the Bunon-Khmer Bilingual Dictionary
Click to download E-Dictionary