ICC Activities

Bunong Village
photo by Mariam Smith

ICC – READ Project

ICC – READ Project works with the Bunong people of Mondulkiri Province to implement bilingual education and food security initiatives that enable the Bunong to make informed choices about their well-being and the future development of their communities.

READ = Research Education And Development
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ICC – RIDE Project

ICC well in Ratanakiri
photo by RIDE Staff

ICC – RIDE Project is an integrated development project that works with indigenous communities in Ratanakiri Province to develop bilingual non-formal education and empower these ethnic minorities to provide for their basic physical needs and help strengthen civil society.

RIDE = Ratanakiri Integrated Development & Education
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ICC – Health Advisory Team

Health Training at Parce Project
photo by HAT Staff

ICC – Health Advisory Team is a support project within ICC that gives support to all ICC projects on health related matters. The Health Advisory Team also offers training on health issues for all staff in ICC.

HAT = Health Advisory Team
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ICC – Project SKY

photo by SKY Staff

ICC – Project SKY seeks the safe reintegration and social inclusion of young adult orphans back into communities. We aim to provide services and opportunities that counter the effects of institutionalisation, nurturing positive attitudes and changes within both orphanages and the surrounding communities.

SKY is a Khmer acronym which means ‘building up the lives of young adult orphans’.
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ICC – ACTS Project

boys and girls in school
photo by Ari Vitikainen

ICC – ACTS Project aims to help children from poor backgrounds access public education and, through this, open doors for both their own futures and those of their families.

ACTS = Assisting Children To School
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ICC – Dental Faculty

boys and girls in school

The vision of ICC at the Faculty of Dentistry is to build the capacity of the current and future Cambodian dentists by providing professional and supplemental trainings to the dentists and dental students and to help the Faculty of Dentistry network with dentists, specialists and organizations from other countries for its own development.
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ICC – HOSEA Project

ICC – HOSEA Project aims to improve the quality of life for children placed in the care of orphanages and other alternative child-care providers by supporting and equipping these groups to provide the best possible care for their children. boys and girls in school

HOSEA = Helping Orphanages through Support, Education and Advice
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ICC – Language Research and Development

Checking text
photo by Ari Vitikainen
ICC – LRD's purpose/vision is to serve language communities throughout Cambodia, building capacity for sustainable language-based development, by means of language research, translation, bilingual education, training and materials development.

LRD = Language Research and Development
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ICC – SPPA Programme

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photo by Ari Vitikainen

ICC – SPPA Programme works with villagers from poor communities to help them establish micro-enterprises that can provide a regular and reasonable income, enabling them to meet their basic needs and care for one another.

SPPA = Skills Promotion Poverty Alleviation
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