ICC Activities

ICC-iBCDE Project

photo by iBCDE

ICC-iBCDE Project works to see that the “indigenous minority communities in the Northeastern region of Cambodia have dignity and a mindset of possibilities to help themselves adapt to a changing context, are advocating for their rights and participating as valued and active members of Cambodian society.”

iBCDE = identity Based Community Development and Education
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ICC-FAST Project

photo by FAST

The ICC-FAST Project started in 2012, which works toward improves family wellbeing through poverty alleviation, community empowerment and children’s education of least served communities in 14 villages of Kampong Rou and Chantrea districts, Svay Rieng province.

FAST = Family And School Transformation
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ICC-Trafficking Response Project

photo by Trafficking Response

ICC-Trafficking Response is an anti-human trafficking project working directly with civil society, local authority and villagers to ensure mobilisation, joint effort and justice protecting their teenagers, youth and young people against human trafficking, modern-day slavery and illegal migration.

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ICC-VIDP Project

photo by VIDP

The ICC-VIDP Project inspires and equips local leaders and communities (including local church leaders and members) with a vision for having a better quality of village relationship and livelihood by empowering the communities wholistically using their own resources.

VIDP = Village Integrated Development Project
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ICC-VOTC Project

photo by VOCT

The ICC-VOTC development goal is: Children are living in a safe environment where adults value, include and protect them, and children are developing to their full potential.

VOTC = Voice Of The Children
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